Michele Gentile

Songwriter | Producer

At the age of 13, I had the first opportunity at a Christmas concert to play a piece composed by myself in front of the audience. I had a keyboard some years before and in my memory it feels like I've always been making music.

Over the years I have played many different musical genres and instruments: from the DJ in the Goa and Psytrance scene to the composer for film music.
Music has always accompanied me, whether as a backpacker in Australia, as a soldier in Afghanistan, when rebuilding an old cinema in the Westjordanland or working on board a cruise ship, somewhere there was always a piano and my melodies found the way to the keys. But my dream was,
And I was always looking for the right singers for my music.

What first is there, whether the text or the music, I can not say. The one leads to the other, actually I always feel it as belonging together and both are mutually mirrored.

When I am driven out of bed at night at four o'clock by the melody, and I sit down at the piano, it is great to know that the next day I only have to grab the cell phone to drum them all together And get started. For now there are ​​France, Hannes and Fiona, there is "Holiday Park".