Hannes Jo Rühle


It took about a year before I was really good. "Are you stuck?" I often said to myself when I liked it, but this sentence is the best aid in learning the beatboxing.

Actually, I am a typical show-singer, not least, because the acoustics in the bathroom is so good. For a long time it was also necessary that no one really listened to me, but somehow my first performance at a school concert came before 150 people. It was incredibly exciting. But despite the huge lamp fever, I continued and managed it. At a Newcomer Festival in Bremen, I was able to enthuse up to 600 people in the tent, as a beatboxer and as a presenter. Even though my father brought me tapes all over the world, I would never have thought that music would become my passion.

At eight, I was fascinated by the saxophone, but somehow it was never my instrument and practicing more of a torture for me - and others. But at 13 came the awakening experience, at random watching a beatbox video. Shortly thereafter, I founded a small band with friends and we covered a lot of songs for fun. I discovered my vocal and improvisational talents. Especially "Reggae" and "Rhythm and Blues" fascinate me.
I had my most beautiful composing experience in the dunes of Amrum, where my friends and I were composing a sleeping song for children on the beach. For the joy of their parents, they are all really asleep.

Even before I had my High School degree, I realized I wanted to do something with music. My heart really belongs to my home town of Bremen in Germany, but through an internship it took me to the south-west of Germany, where I met Michele.