Francesca Tummarello


"Killing Me Softly" is the first song I sung to the right audience. Actually quite appropriate, this songtitel. I would have liked to die with excitement.

I was with friends in a bar in the place, which I did not know a karaoke contest took place. My cousin had secretly registered me. Although I would have sunk on the ground in the evening, I am still grateful to her. I was trembling as well as the vocal chords, but I kept going. The reaction in the audience: enthusiastic applause. I could hardly believe it.

My dream of becoming a singer came about eleven years ago, when I had sung to my family "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

Everyone always talked about the goose-skin factor of my voice, which was the greatest motivation for me.

Now all my friends knew that I could sing and loved it. They encouraged me to participate in casting shows, unfortunately without real success. I guess my appearance did not fit into the concept of this show. This experience was like a stab in my heart, because I love to move people with my music.

In 2014, I learned to believe in myself and my voice when I met Michele through a friend of my sister.