The Band

The question of who we are is probably the most important question on this website. Maybe we can not completely answer that. But we can take you on a short journey through our musical cosmos. 


We've been around for about four years now, but our constellation has changed over time, which is why you'll hear a voice or two in our songs that is no longer with us today.

Our music is shaped by life, change and the constant shifts in livelihood. Unlike many artists, who find refuge in the limits of one genre, we rest self-assuredly in the multifacetedness of our personal and unique style and leave the confines of any genre behind. 

We are Francesca, Hannes, Fiona and Michele. Together we want to enchant and inspire you with our music, to accompany you in difficult times and to make you dance in happy moments.

We make music that is inspired by the heartbeat of the world. Gentle pop ballads, thrilling dancehall rhythms, and energetic house and electro beats coalesce with each other to create a surprising blend of music.

Thank you and lovely greetings from Holiday Park

Michele Gentile

Songwriter | Producer

The Musician

Francesca Tummarello


The voice for goose bumps

Hannes Jo Rühle


The Entertainer

Fiona Schrader


The soft one